Literature Discussion

Blue Bouquet - An Analysis

While reading the story I felt a kind of excited curiosity. The abrupt opening of the story leads you to the doubt whether the antagonist is abnormal. He is fully wet in sweat (probably he had a very frightening  dream..!) Even the movement of a moth dazzles his eyes. he is afraid of scorpions on the floor of his room. 
 The capacity of Octovio paz in creating crazy images is remarkable. The hero feels that night is a woman..the wind outside is the feminine breathing (auditory image) .. When he goes out he listens to the conversation among the 'enormous beings' he feels himself as a syllable of one unrecognizable word uttered by these beings...
 Night is a garden of eyes for him. What a splendid fancy ...! When he went out into the darkness, his eyes were full of darkness. A little light is spread around him when he lt a cigarette . but unexpectedly he is BLINDED again by the sudden reappearance of the moon and its lighting up of a White Wall...! 

The falling cigarette is a glowing arc like a small comet ..
 He feels the smell of tamarind trees (does the smell remind us about ghosts? like the smell of Paaala Poovu?)
 The unexpected appearance of the villain is also frightening..Every moment with this villain reminds us about the Great Villain Death. What is the use of thinking ourselves great in this unsure life.
  But you realise the value of life once you are slipped from the hands of death.
 I don't understand the motive of the villain. can we expect such a mad lover as his?