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Second Term Exam - Answer key


Answer Key

1 The period of the bet (confinement) will terminate at 12 O' clock tomorrow. The banker will have to give 2 millions to the lawyer if the lawyer remains in confinement until then.
2 The old man is on the verge of bankruptcy now. He has to give two millions to the lawyer tomorrow as a result of the bet. That is why he said 'Cursed bet!'
3 mutter
4 'The one means of being saved from bankruptcy and disgrace is the death of that man!'
5 The other man / lawyer is only forty now. He will get two millions, he will marry, enjoy life, will gamble on the Exchange. These thoughts made the old man so jealous of the other man.
6 The poet reminds/warns the ones who are successful by telling that 'success walks hand in hand with failure along the Hollywood boulevard'. So those who are successful must be always on their guard.
( Those who are successful must be always on their guard because success walks hand in hand with failure along the Hollywood boulevard)
7 Hollywood film world is a fantasy world of celluloid villains and heroes, they never feel any pain, they never really die.
8 The poet means that celluloid heroes will live in the minds of people forever.
9 'success walks hand in hand with failure
Along the Hollywood boulevard'
10 We don't hear children cry for food in the wood
11 It's the duty of every man to help the suffering people. Those who turn away without helping the poor suffering people are selfish.
12 “I see no woman, white with care”
woman – white – with (Alliteration - repetition of the initial sounds of words in a line of poetry)
'w' sound is repeated in the beginning of the words in the line. So it is alliteration.
13 He who shuns the poor creatures sad and wan.
14 The fighting was getting too dangerous for the soldier. So he decided to make a move away from the battle field.
15 Yes, the battle was a severe one. Guns were firing, and shells and bullets were flying about everywhere.
16 The soldier was trying to run away from the war front. That is why the commanding officer got angry.( The commanding officer feared that his cowardice would be exposed!)
17 The commanding officer always stays at back and the soldier is so far back already.
18 The officer is a coward, he doesn't go to the war front.
19 Palawan Fate
20 Clay Bird
21 Claudia Llosa
22 South Africa
23 Poetry, Karmayogi

30 a) where
b) took
c) qualities
d) were given
e) served

31 a) for
b) the
c) and
d) of
e) under

32 a) Hello ! Where are you going ?
b) is it ?
c) you will get two millions / you can become a millionaire. etc.
d) stay inside / wait a little more, etc.

33 1. 'both …. and' combines two noun phrases
eg.,Both Sunil and Binoy are good friends
2. 'and' combines two adverbs
eg., Messi hits quickly and forcefully
  1. 'but' combines two adjectives (contradictory in nature)
eg., My friend is lazy but intelligent.
  1. 'either … or' combines two verbs
eg., Jubin can either sit here or go out.

34 a) came across
     b) went through
     c) look after 
      d) gave up

35 a) The servant requested the beggar to go away.
    b) The beggar replied that he would not go.

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Courtesy-Yunus Salim P.V , H.S.A , Kunnamangalam HSS Kozhikode

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